As a consultant you have a variety of tools that you use in your work with organizations and with leaders.

When you use the OLA, we provide you with resources to help with the promotion and follow-up of the OLA assessment.

These resources are provided at no cost to you on the understanding that you are using the OLA with your clients and these follow-up resources are used in connection with that use. 

For General OLA Concepts:

OLA Factsheet Brochure – a 2 page color pdf brochure providing an overview of the OLA 


OLA Sample Report (Org4) – a sample of the 26 page OLA report 


Healthy Organization OLA Model – the full OLA model including the six disciplines and the 18 descriptors of a healthy, servant oriented organization 


Brief Descriptions of Six Levels of Organizational Health – a one-page collection of brief descriptions of the six organizational health levels 


Full-page descriptions of Six Levels of Organizational Health – six full-page descriptions of the six organizational health levels.

For OLA Follow-up Sessions to Improve the Organization:

PowerPoint: OLA model and report follow-up – A PowerPoint stack providing an overview of the OLA model allowing you to customize it for your organizations bringing in screenshots of their particular OLA results. 

  1. OLA model and report followup 1
  2. OLA model and report followup 2
  3. OLA Health Levels


Six Disciplines Worksheet – a six-part worksheet used after presenting the OLA results.  People work individually and then in groups to identify important issues and then actions to be taken for improvement.  


Ideas for Improvement – A collection of questions to ask and action to be taken for each of the six disciplines of the healthy organization.  This can provide ideas and insights for the group as they begin to work on improvement plans. 


Workbook: 40 days to a Servant-Minded Leadership  – This collection of essays built around the OLA model provides a journey of discovery and learning for individuals and groups who desire to become more servant-minded in their leadership practice. 

For Servant Leadership OLA Training:

OLA QuickLook  – Individuals can complete this QuickLook assessment online for their organization and bring the results into a training session to learn more about organizational health and the OLA model. 


SLP Self – individuals can complete this self-assessment online to discover strengths and weaknesses in their own leadership practice.  They can bring the report into a training session to learn how to improve their leadership. 


Nurturing Healthy Organizations Quick Assessment – this handout can be used in training when presenting the OLA model.  Students can be asked to complete this informal assessment as they hear the OLA model explained.   

For Reading – Foundational OLA Development & Concepts:

Laub Dissertation Brief – this 30-page summary of Dr. Laub’s dissertation study that produced the OLA instrument shows the research process used to develop the OLA 


Laub Article – Defining Servant Leadership – this article provides clarity on the meaning of servant leadership and a suggested typology for understanding leadership and servant leadership term.   


Laub Article – From Paternalism to the Servant Organization – this article is from the first volume of The International Journal of Servant-Leadership.  The article can be found on p. 155 – 186.