About The Organizational Leadership Assessment

Organizational Leadership Assessment

The OLA is a research-based assessment instrument that measures six key areas of organizational and leadership practice that are critical to achieving optimal organizational health. The level of these six key areas and their eighteen descriptors determine an organization’s Power Level. An organization with a strong power level provides authentic and shared leadership, empowers workers and develops a community of people who work effectively together to fulfill the organization’s mission.

The Power Level determines which of the following six levels of organizational health best describes your organization.

Org6 – Optimal Health
Org5 – Excellent Health
Org4 – Moderate Health
Org3 – Limited Health
Org2 – Poor Health
Org1 – Toxic Health

The OLA also measures the Perception Match of the workforce and leadership and reveals the differing perceptions between top leaders, managers and the workforce. This perception match is crucial to understanding the way the organization is viewed by those within it…those who are in the best position to make it successful. A high perception match reveals a strong level of organizational awareness and open communication; two essentials for meeting the ever-present demands of change.

The OLA then combines your Power Level and Perception Match to determine your organization’s Readiness-for-Change. Are you ready to make the changes necessary to move towards greater organizational health? The OLA makes it possible for your organization to target specific changes that take into consideration your organization’s readiness for change.

When using the 66-item OLA, people at all levels of your organization (top leadership, managers & workforce) will complete the instrument. In this way, you will be able to determine the different ways your organization is viewed. The OLA is easy to take and can be completed in only 15 minutes.

The OLA has strong psychometric properties including high validity and reliability and will provide you with a wealth of information on how your organization and its leadership is perceived.