The OLA Assessment

Improve Organizational Health - Measure What You Value

The Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) is a web-based tool that delivers a comprehensive, values-based portrait of organizational health.

Incorporating feedback from a full range of positions within the organization, the OLA is designed to reveal the organizational level of health, the perception match between three major position levels (Top Leaders, Supervisors/Managers & Workforce), and the organization’s readiness-for-change.

The OLA is easy to complete and is adaptable to your organization’s needs; multiple focused sub-group reports can be provided – along with an overall perspective of an organization and its leadership.

“Using the OLA assessment to determine the department’s overall organizational health was an awesome experience for me as a new leader.  Many of the employees also expressed their appreciation for allowing them to give feedback and share their perspective on the six areas.  During the follow up sessions, our team worked together to develop a list of action items that are being used to move our organization towards greater health.”

James Green, Director
Palm Beach County Community Services Department

The OLA Model of Organization Health

The OLA is based on research conducted by Dr. Jim Laub – determining the key elements for servant-minded leadership and healthy organizations.

This research reveals six key areas that must be present to allow an organization to achieve optimal organizational health and utilize available potential to fulfill its mission.

Healthy organizations exhibit these six key areas consistently throughout all levels of the organization – as experienced by those who daily represent the organization.

The Benefits of the OLA Assessment

Values-based: Measure the values that are most important to your organization

Web-based: Easy to implement, easy for your people to access

Time effective: Takes only 15 minutes to complete online

Versatile: Looks at the organization as a whole as well as designated sub-groups

Usable: The OLA report is easy to understand and apply toward organization improvement

Cost effective: Assess your entire organization and receive a wealth of usable information

Assessing your Organization’s Health

How healthy is your organization?

Your organization’s health level will determine its ability to successfully navigate the challenges and demands of the future. It will affect your ability to communicate effectively and to positively manage change. It will affect your ability to meet your organization’s mission and effectively pursue your vision.

Assessing your organizational health level is the first step toward building stronger organizational health. The OLA provides a positive, values-based approach that emphasizes improvement and development.

The OLA Report

The 16 page OLA report provides an practical, easy-to-understand presentation of your results.

Your Organizational Health Level (Org1 through Org6).
What is your level of health and what does this mean for organizational effectiveness?

Organizational Health

The Perception Match that exists between your Top Leaders, Managers and Workforce.
Do your leaders truly understand how the workers are experiencing the organization today?
Do your people have a shared awareness and an ability to communicate based on a shared understanding?

Your Readiness-for-Change level.

Are you ready, as an organization to move toward planned change and deal with the unexpected changes that inevitably will come?

A healthy organization has both the health and power to create its future through an empowered and creative workforce.
A healthy organization knows where it is going and recognizes the value of those people who will take it there.

Measure What You Value

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion on your organization’s assessment needs. See if the Organizational Leadership Assessment best represents the values you desire for your organization and if it is the right assessment tool for your organization.

Servant Leader Performance also provides the OLA360° web-based review tool that facilitates multi-angle performance assessment of employees and leaders within your organization. While the OLA provides an organizational view, the OLA360° review provides an individual review from a 360 degree viewpoint.

“First Care Women’s Clinics was in the middle of a season of change when we decided an OLA assessment could prove valuable.  We were right!  Before we moved forward with a major change of leadership, Dr Jim Laub did an OLA with our entire staff followed with his consultation. This assessment provided great encouragement by showing us that we had a healthy staff that was moving through the current changes well and showed us specific areas we needed to work on as the organization faced a future change in leadership. We are now a year past my retirement and the transition of leadership has been seamless.  OLA and Dr. Laub provided great information to help in making this possible.”

Sharon Brewer
Past CEO of First Care Women’s Clinics
Currently Director Emeritus