40 Days Toward a Servant Leader Mindset

40 Days Toward a Servant Leader Mindset

40 Days Toward a Servant Leader Mindset is a collection of 40 dynamic readings built around the research-based OLA servant leadership model.  It brings you a powerful learning journey with new insights, reflective guides and action prompts, all designed to walk you through new ways of thinking about your role as a leader, the true purpose of leadership and a better understanding of those you lead.
Each Day provides a thought provoking essay followed by personal and group reflection questions and suggested practice—action steps.  You can complete this learning journey in 40 days or extend it to 40 weeks or any plan that best fits your work and learning schedule, but you will want to commit to the full experience as it has the potential of changing the way you think about and practice leadership.
You can go through this journey by yourself, but you will gain much more if you do it with your team.  Learn together how to lead more effectively by serving the needs of others over your own self-interest.  Learn to lead so that others are truly valued and developed to their full potential.  Learn to lead authentically to build true community where everyone is expected to lead and make a difference.
Begin your 40 Day leadership adventure today.  Discover how to serve and how to lead to truly move the world.

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