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Here is your OLA Quick Look Report

Thank you for completing the free OLA Quick Look. In this assessment report you will find the following information on your assessment of your organization:

I.Your organization’s overall health level
II.Your organization’s levels on each of the six disciplines
III.A description of each of the six disciplines ranked in order (highest to lowest) for your organization
IV.A description of your organization based on its overall health level
V.A planning worksheet for organizational improvement

Please realize that this assessment report is based only on your individual responses and reflects only the results coming from that single assessment. When you use the full OLA in your organization, you will collect input from everyone in the organization (Top Leaders, Managers and the Workforce) to get a comprehensive view of your organization’s health described in a expansive 26-page diagnostic report.

I.Your organization's overall health level

OLA Score: 0

Org Level: 1 (Toxic Organizational Health)

II.Your organization's levels on each of the six disciplines

Toxic Health
Poor Health
Limited Health
Moderate Health
Excellent Health
Optimal Health

III. A description of each of the six disciplines ranked in order (highest to lowest) for your organization

=>1. Value People

By listening receptively, serving the needs of others first and trusting in people

=>2. Display Authenticity

By integrity and trust, openness and accountibility and a willingness to learn from othres

=>3. Build Community

By building strong relationships, working collaboratively and valuing individual differences

=>4. Share Leadership

By creating a shared vision and sharing decision-making power, status and privilege at all levels in the organization

=>5. Provide Leadership

By envisioning the future, taking initiative and clarifying goals

=>6. Develop People

By providing opportunities for learning, modeling appropriate behavior and building up others through encouragement

The Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) measures six characteristics of organizational and leadership practice that are critical to optimal organizational health and determine an oragnization's Health Level. These six areas characterize organizations that provide authentic and shared leadership, empowered workers and a community of people who work effectively together to fulfill the organization's mission. The six characteristics are listed and expanded below.

IV. A description of your Organizational Health Level

The Workers: Motivation, morale, attitude & commitment, listening, relationships vs. tasks

The Leadership: Power, decision making, goals & direction

The Team: Community, collaboration and team learning

The Culture: Authenticity, integrity, accountability, creativity, trust, service, communication

The Outlook: Type of workers attracted, action needed

V. A Planning Worksheet for Organizational Improvement

After reviewing the information in this report, follow the directions below to begin a plan for improving your organization’s health.

A. What parts of the Organizational Health Description ring true for your organization?

B. Based on this information, list possible improvement areas for each of the six disciplines

Improvement Ideas
Value People
Develop People
Display Authenticity
Build Community
Provide Leadership
Share Leadership

C. List here 3-5 priority improvement ideas for your organization

Taking the Next Step - Have Your Organization Take the OLA

What the full OLA will provide to your organization:

  • A comprehensive view with input for everyone in the organization for all position levels of the organization (Top Leaders, Managers and Workforce)
  • Perception matches and gaps between these different position levels on six disciplines
  • Comparison with other organizations that have taken the OLA
  • How leaders in the organization are viewed in comparison with how the organization or team is viewed
  • Your organization’s Readiness-for-Change
  • Job Satisfaction levels
  • High six and Low six items by all position levels
  • High and Low perception matches between all position levels
  • Results on all items of the OLA by position levels
  • A comprehensive, 26-page report providing an overview of the health of your organization
  • Individual reports on select sub-groups within your organization

OLA Benefits

Values-based: Measure the values that are most important to your organization

Web-based: Easy to implement, easy for your people to access

Time effective: Takes only 15 minutes to complete online

Versatile: Looks at the organization as a whole as well as designated sub-groups

Usable: The OLA report is easy to understand and apply toward organization improvement

Cost effective: Assess your entire organization and receive a wealth of usable information

Are you ready to implement the OLA in your organization?

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