Improve Your Organization by Measuring What You Value

Measure what you value through these various assessment instruments.  The Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) provides an assessment of your total organization or group. It is an instrument with strong psychometric properties and has been used in over 80 research studies.  Use the OLA in your organization to determine your organization’s health level and how your Top Leaders, Manager/Supervisors and Workforce perceive the organization.

Explore Resources To Measure and Improve What You Value

Use these resources and information to improve your organization’s health and performance. In addition to the OLA, three free assessment are offered here and can be used for individual leader growth and training for your leadership teams.

Improve Your Organization by Measuring What You Value


Learn More about the OLA

The Organizational Leadership assessment (OLA) is the primary survey tool for discovering your organization’s health level according to the OLA servant leadership model.

The OLA is designed to be completed by everyone in the organization (Top Leaders, Managers/Supervisors, Workforce) to reveal the health level of the organization plus the perception match or gap between these different position/role levels within the organization. You also will receive a report showing your highest and lowest six scores to allow you to focus change efforts for future improvement.

You also will receive a score on Readiness-for-Change to give you a sense of your organization’s readiness to pursue the changes needed to improve your health level and improve your organization’s performance.

Learn More about the OLA

Take OLA Quick Look Assessment (Free)

The OLA Quick Look Assessment allows you to assess the presence of absence of servant leadership characteristics within your organization or team.

Use this free instrument to gain knowledge about how you personally assess your organization on the characteristics of the OLA servant leadership model.

If you desire a complete assessment of your total organization including input from Top Leaders, Manager/Supervisors and the Workforce you will wan to use the OLA instrument.

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Improve Your Individual Performance Through Servant Leadership


Learn about the SLP

The SLP assessment is currently under development. It will, like the OLA, be a web-based instrument that facilitates anonymous, multi-angle assessment but, unlike the OLA, the SLP will assess individual leaders.

With the SLP each individual leader will be reviewed from a 360-degree perspective providing concrete, results-oriented feedback to drive strategies for ongoing leader development. The SLP is being built around the same servant-minded conceptual model as the OLA based on research showing outcomes of healthier leadership and healthier organizations.

Learn more about the SLP

Take the SLP Self Assessment (Free)

The SLP Self assessment provides you with a self-assessment of your own leadership based on the OLA servant leadership model.

This free assessment provides a report that shows your relative strengths and weaknesses in the six characteristics of the OLA model.

Use this free assessment for learning about the OLA model and how your own leadership can improve to become healthier and more servant oriented.

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Take the Leader-Manager Assessment (Free)

This assessment and report provides an analysis, based on your self-assessment response to each of 32 items, revealing your relative strengths in eight leadership and management competencies and your tendency toward leadership skills or management skills.
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